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A collection of the times a lengthy rant was cleaned up and turned into something hopefully useful to someone.

WTF Is A Git Submodule? (2019-04-18)

<updated: 2019-04-19>

An introduction to using git submodules by example, showcasing how they are used and explaining what is happening and why.

Git (for Scientists) (2019-09-17)

<updated: 2019-09-18>

An introduction to git, what it is and why to use it, directed primarily at scientists.

About This Blog

The focus of this blog is primarily on being an accurate and up-to-date resource on a few specific topics, rather than merely being my personal thoughts presented at a fixed moment in time. As such, it is open source and pull requests are welcome. If you have any corrections, or even changes that improve clarity or add relevant information, I encourage you to submit a pull request or shoot me an email (Trevor.Stavropoulos@gmail.com) and I’ll be happy to integrate your changes and give you credit.